What is Out-of-Province Vehicle Inspection in BC?

What is Out-of-Province Vehicle Inspection in BC?

Private Vehicle Inspection

When you plan to move to British Columbia, it is mandatory to get a safety certificate if you want to purchase a vehicle here. You get 30 days to get the safety check done. Furthermore, only the Designated Inspection Facilities(DIF) or Preventative Maintenance Facilities(PMP) authorized by the Ministry of Transportation of British Columbia can carry out such certification processes. If the vehicle is in healthy condition, it will be easily certified; however, if there are any defects that do not fit in the criteria, the inspection fails. 

In such cases, we can help you to suggest a proper repairing process that will result in the successful re-inspection of your vehicle.

What should be include Private Vehicle Inspection?

To put this in simple words, everything must be covered , that ensures all the regulatory vehicle standards, Canadian Manufacturing Standards, and National and International Vehicle Safety Standards.

Private Vehicle Inspection must cover checking of the following parts of your vehicle.

  • Undercarriage
  • Body integrity
  • Brakes
  • Lights
  • Engine compartment
  • Driver’s controls
  • Essential documents
  • Pressure fuel
  • Other electrical parts

Primary motto behind this comprehensive inspection process is to maintain road safety and ensure compliance. 

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