Vehicle Inspection Packages

Car Inspection for Every Occasion

There is a service charge on top of these prices that ranges between $29 to $69 depending the how far the vehicle is from our main cities.

Pre-Purchase Inspection


Super In-Depth Inspection for Buyers of Used Cars

  • 147 point inspection
  • We inspect the interior and exterior condition
  • Includes road test
  • Scan for engine codes
  • Brakes, tires, suspension, axles, transmissions all checked
  • Look for signs of accident damage
  • Pictures on report of major components

Insurance Inspection


Valid only in Alberta

Inspection on vehicles 13 years or older in Alberta

  • Safety Inspection for insurance companies to insurance vehicles over 13 years old in Alberta
  • Performed at your house so you don't have to tow vehicle to local garage
  • Quote is provided for any repairs that vehicle may need

Peace of Mind Inspection


Get a full picture of what your vehicle currently needs.

  • 75 point peace of mind inspection that will look at the major safety components of your vehicle
  • Inspect Battery Terminals & Connections
  • Catch problems while they're small so you're not stuck with a huge potential repair bill

Frequently Asked Questions:

If you’re looking to buy a used car from a dealership or private lot then we recommend getting a used car inspection. If you’re looking to get insurance on your vehicle that’s older than 13 years old then you need an insurance inspection. If you’re going on a road trip or your car hasn’t been inspected in a while then we recommend a Peace of Mind inspection.

For a test drive – the vehicle will need to have insurance. You can ask the seller to put on 1 day insurance.

Unfortunately no. The inspection is the opinion of the mechanic of the vehicles condition at that precise time. Parts work perfectly until they don’t and the mechanic might not catch everything wrong with the car. We always recommend one last inspection by you before you transfer funds. If we provided warranty on the inspections then the cost would be upwards of $1000+.

Nope! The best part of these inspections is that we will can schedule a time with the seller and coordinate with them. You will get the report after the job is done and can speak with the mechanic for further information.

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