Vehicle Inspection - Calgary

Get an On-Site Car Inspection Anywhere in Calgary

Top Rated Vehicle Inspection Service in Calgary

Smart Auto Inspection focuses on providing the most comprehensive and convenient vehicle inspection service in Calgary. We have highly trained and Certified Vehicle Inspectors who go to where the vehicle is and perform the inspection on site. 

Whether you’re looking for a Pre-Purchase Inspection or Insurance Inspection we have you covered. Our technicians will raise the vehicle, go on a test drive, and do a full 150 point inspection and then build you a report with pictures and their recommendations. 

We do thousands of inspections a year in Calgary on everything from European to Domestic vehicles. Our technicians take the time to walk you the car and give you their opinion which could potentially save you thousands in unseen damages.

Compared to the price of a car – the inspection is extremely cost effective and must have especially in Calgary where there is no warranty on used cars. 

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